Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday morning quarterback

One of the pleasures of being an obscure and powerless blogger --despite benefitting from the enormous crime of sharing White Male Privilege (pbuh)-- is that I can mouth off without consequences. (At least in America. For now.) I realize that. I was chief administrator of a few non-profits for twenty years and I can tell you that it's easier to take heroic potshots from the floor than it is to make a decision from the desk, that affects everybody...and then some. So I am conscious of my freedom to let my cyberjaw flap.

That being said, on FB there was a posting about Mexican immigration and our bad response to it. Part of the linked text said, ‎"We watch these tragedies daily, and notice how many immigrants drown or die of exposure trying to get across. Do we have a solution?" 

A commentor replied: "I do, snipers and landmines. Problem solved."

I wonder if he's single.

It is, btw, a few days after Cinco de Mayo, the St Patrick's day of the Mexican Diaspora. I wonder if any Americans got in trouble for wearing our national flag to our our country. For now.

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