Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My strange ethical world

A German judge lodged a criminal complaint against Bosch PM Angela Merkel because she said that she was "glad" that OBL was dead. Since the judge judged the raid illegal under international law, Ms Merkel allegedly (!) expressed public approval of the commission of a crime, which in Alice-in Deutschland, is a crime.

He even had the gall to scold her response because her father is a Protestant minister.

I think that what Herr Hizzonor did is evil. I have no other word for it. Insane comes close, but because I am a non-typical therapist, I resist reducing evil to madness. Even if he conscientiously believes that he is acting ethically, his conscioius adherence to such an evil world-view holds him inexcusable.

I am bright fella, and when I am calm, I can construct a linear and well-constructed argument. If my blog entries are more like rants than essays, well, that's the point of it. So here's some scattershot thoughts.

The post-modern secular humanism that is now the official religion of Europe is a religion. Like Marxism, it is a faith masquerading as a rational philosophy. Impoverished though it be, it has its own revealed non-rational --actually ir-rational-- creed, a congruent moral code (including blasphemy laws), and its own pathetic but visible cultic forms, priesthood, holy days, etc.

Its secularism is not a separation of religion and state but triumph of the State as religion. Altar and Throne are one. And as intolerant, totalitarian and inquisitorial as its despised Christian antecedent ever was.

Despite its weird mirroring of Islam, they differ in many points, but one of them makes me respect Islam more. Islam is not suicidal, while the kind of statist superstition that Judge What's-his-Namen represents is really nothing more than a toxic soup of nihilism and narcissism. Islam, like it or not, endures. The soulless preening of the post-Christian Euros (and their coreligionists elsewhere in the West) is designed to self-destruct. Muslims are now specialists in suicide bombers, but the good burghers who adhere to the insane and/or evil religion of a dessicated Christendom are no less suicidally destrictive, only it is their own people they are blowing apart, not the enemy.

Two-thirds of Germans polled asserted that the death of Bin Laden was no reason to rejoice. Is this their pathologically reflexive and resentful anti-Americanism? Do they, too, think that killing someone --no soldier, but a stealth guerilla-- who masterminded a 21st century Pearl Harbor is less important that a highly disputable legal norm? Would they have cast the failed plot to explode Hitler an attempted illegal murder?

The result of the "liberation" of Europe from its turbulent past is stomach-turning corruption, made all the more revolting because it always masquerades as moral high-mindedness.

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Leah said...

Yup, Europe is in grip of a State religion more powerful than Christianity. For all of Christianity's fault in Europe through the years, nothing comes close to the close minded asinine aspects of this new State controlled religion.

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