Monday, May 09, 2011

Old Dominicans

Blurb on a book called Building Bridges.
Thirty-seven Dominican theologians, women and men, reflect on their experiences of ‘doing theology’, of entering into the mystery of God and sharing this Good News with others. None of them could have produced what they did on their own … This publication reveals what is lost by not having more men and women doing theology together. In the form of testimonies, these writers dream about doing theology collaboratively, not in an exclusive or ideological way. (Bolding mine).

Contributors include Albert Nolan, Mary O’Driscoll, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Mary Catherine Hilkert, Timothy Radcliffe.

It's hard to see the bubble you're in when you're in it. All these people are feminist/liberation theologians. No ideology here. Yeah, right. I mean, Left.


Although I left the Dominican Order long ago, belonging to it was a quite unique privilege in my life; I cannot remember feeling that belonged anywhere else so fully. I maintain, obviously, an interest in it as an "alumnus". When I left, it was because of the Church, not the Order, and I far more deeply grieved leaving the Order than the Church. I had come to believe, even back then, when I was a liberal, and certainly since then, that the egalitarian fads which led to considering this tripartite order, now 8 centuries old, as "the Dominican Family" was a mistake. And one of its worst results was the huge influence that the numerically far larger Third Order sisters --most of whom seem far more influenced by social justice ecofeminism than anything else--came to have on First Order friars, especially in America.

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