Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And people wonder why

a church like this is hemorrhaging members?

Here's part of this inspiring prayer...

We celebrate and give thanks for the life and witness of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who proclaimed a vision of all people living together,
And bore witness to the power of nonviolence,
We gather, to remember his words, his commitment, his life
And to rededicate ourselves to addressing the evil of gun violence which claimed his life
and which continues to plague our country and the world.

Some 30,000 Americans die by guns each year in the United States. And we grieve.
An average of eighty people is killed by guns every day, including eight children. And our hearts break.
Guns kill some 1,000 people each day in the developing world. And we mourn.
An American child is twelve times more likely to die by a gun than are the children who live in all twenty-five industrialized nations combined. And we weep.
The annual economic cost of gun violence in America is estimated to at least $100 billion. Medical costs, decimated families, the court system, our jails and prisons, and security measures in airports, schools, and public buildings all contribute to this sum.
And sorrow sweeps over us.

Sweet Mother of God!* What pompous, self-congratulatory, ego-stroking, bullshit.

*(That's not part of the Presbyterian litany. That's my atavistic Catholic response to this...stuff.)


Unknown said...

Mainline Protestantism: self-congratulation dressed up as concern and actually doing something for over 50 years!

OreamnosAmericanus said...

It manages to be both narcissistic and histrionic at once.

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