Thursday, August 27, 2015

Images of White Foolishness

Two recent movies about brave and noble but deeply foolish White People:

Captain Phillips, with Tom Hanks, where the crew of an unarmed merchant vessel are held hostage by Somali pirates.

Lone Survivor, with Mark Wahlburg, where US troops behind enemy lines decide to save the life of a local boy, who then reports their whereabouts, and 19 of their fellow countrymen die.

I am talking about the movies, --which were very good, btw--not the actual men. And there are differences between what happened and what the movies made of it, but basically both stories are true enough for my point.

I have remarked about Captain Phillips and Lone Survivor before, but the point can't be overstated.

In both cases, the noble and ethical rules of The Most Foolish People On The Planet (C) caused the deaths of many of these same people in order not to harm people who are our enemies.

Liberalism, a toxic and cancerous perversion of Christian morality practiced by people who loathe Christianity, is the reason for the self-destructive hubris that leads other people to die. The egalitarian disease of "universal human rights" is status-signally fraud which allows evil men to flourish. Note: the effeminate men who make these rules do not have to live with them.

And in the case of Lone Survivor, not only did they have to live with Rules of Engagement designed much more for the enemy's comfort than ours but they chose the suicidal path in order to avoid being mobbed by the most loathesome creatures on earth, Western journalists, and painted as child-killers.

For a refreshing alternative, --minus the soundtrack*---courtesy of commentor Hugh, check out how unprincipled Russians handle African pirates....

A perfect example of border control, which President Trump might make into universal policy.

*Although the sight of Africans being blown to smithereens while other Africans "sing" is not without its attractions.


-A said...

Hah! I thought it was hilarious that they chose (c)rap as the soundtrack. A part of me wonders if that was a middle finger.


Anonymous said...

Yes, pleasing: Post-modern Irony need not be limited to the left.


-A said...

Hot damn, we have another newbie. Welcome to the Lion's Den.


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