Saturday, August 01, 2015

Wayward Pines

As I shake my head yet again, watching the Brits and other Europeans who, having lost their Christian faith, now act like Christians are supposed to act and are making themselves martyrs to their unhinged suicidal obsession with guilt and goodness. Africa is pouring its savages into Europa and the mewling abortions masquerading as men are shaming their ancestors, who built the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

I sometimes think that I am crazy, because I cannot believe they could be so crazy. But both they and we are doing the same things.

What is required is balls. The balls to make it clear that invaders are invaders. That they will be repulsed with lethal force. And then boats need to be sunk. Waves of men need to be mowed down.
Again and again until it stops.

But they are captive to the toxic dogmas of their groundless faith and care about the opinions of "the world community," which only holds them in contempt for their weakness.

I am watching Wayward Pines (spoiler alert),

a TV drama starring the amazingly well-preserved Matt Dillon, about the last group of humans to survive a planetary catastrophe. Yet even here the writers want us to sympathize with the very people who put the whole species at risk* and cause death, fear and misgtery because they are not severe and authoritarian, like the egoistical bad guy who saved the whole race single-handedly and is a bit harsh when people threaten to allow the last of the race to be destroyed...

(I will spare you the racial and sexual ideology, which you can imagine...)

*Like The Jewel In The Crown, where we are supposed to think that the women whose female privilege, transgressive egoism and highminded ethical superiority are the causes of all the deaths and pains of the very people they assert that they are nobly in sympathy with.

God, I hate moralists. I really hate them.


-A said...

I hate moralists because they wouldn't know any kind of real morality if it were to become a stone around their necks like they are to everyone else. I must say, I begin to envision myself as Maggie Smith (or, the Dowager Countess) more and more with my disdain for the new world order. The petite bourgeois have had their sway and with all of the world's wisdom in their heads from their "real world experiences" have sunk us all. I can feel myself making the same faces she makes and uttering the same statements she does though, more resentful. One time, I swear, I recoiled the same as she and felt my face collapse like a it had more wrinkles than pores. I wish there were a male alternative but, there isn't. It must be packaged in a woman who is not an immediate threat to the status quo.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

She really is the wisest and most humane character in the piece, frank and undeceived.

-A said...

Indeed. There are such words from her "Never confuse hope for certainty." that I could swear is far too proper to have been written by one of the liberal swine who produces the show. Perhaps they should take their own damned advice?


-A said...

Holy shit, I have to take back a lot. I just found out that the series was created by Lord Fellowes! May the spirits of Aristocracy forgive me for speaking out of turn. I do not know what his title actually is but, he is a conservative in the House of Lords. He is a Tory. I do suppose that does not mean too much in the era of cuckservatives but, well, I kind of feel foolish. I never noticed him in the behind the scenes shit they did and found this one fellow to be agitating and clearly some kind of a limp-wrist liberal from the sound of him (and felt he was holding back his liberalism with what sounded like feigned compassion for the passage of time upon tradition) and I have the sinking suspicion is was Lord Fellowed himself. I guess I will never really know whether I was right or not until I come upon more of his work.


-A said...

I don't know whether or not Fellowes grew up in Yorkshire (where much of my family is from, no less) but as is true of someone who would choose to set a stage there, Fellowes is Catholic.


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