Sunday, August 16, 2015

Potemkin Village Stats

Why Black Men Are Making No Progress in Medical Education | American Renaissance:

Next time you see a brilliant Black doctor on TV or in a commercial or in a Republican presidential "debate", remind yourself that he is just one shade less rare than a unicorn.

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-A said...

Not only that but, they just are never as competent as their White "peers" and I have always disliked mom working for black dentists who are always corrupt out of their assholes and going to black private practice who always manages to make things worse. I would not say that they are necessarily stupid men all of the time, they understand the principles of their work but, there is just some spark missing to their ability to work efficiently in their field. My mother will notice it, then forget it. The really shitty thing tends to be the men and their mistresses. The drama seems almost intentional. Most mulatto doctors are female and they are ashamed of their black ancestry to no end. I knew a black psychiatrist, married to one of my mother's bosses, and she was also ashamed of her background. She spoke openly about it though. She said she went to medical school and she married a doctor because she would be goddamned if she ever went back to the ghetto. I can't really blame her with any of that but, she was out of work and had the most puerile ideas about her profession. Same crap: not knowing the difference between ethos and pathos.


p.s. why is everyone head over heels over Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Even some NRx bloggers refuse to admit he is a horse's ass.

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