Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fox Women

One leftover thought from last week's jaunt through the California wilderness.

Mr B decided that we should watch the Republican "debates." I was uninterested, but we wound up looking at part of them until I said it was time to eat and that was that.

Fox News' Megan Kelly started off with her now famous sexism question to Mr Trump. It stirred the smoldering cinders of my misogyny and reminded me of the very quick-and-dirty description of what has happened to us in the last 50+ years: after Blacks convinced White America that we were guilty of the worst of crimes and we surrendered our moral status to them, the White women of America a) took their chance at liberation or b) reacted with revulsion at our submission and, turned on their men and joined in the party by stabbing them in the back, aka, feminism.

So here is Ms Kelly, the blonde's blonde, in a position of power. On a supposedly conservative media, while the nation is dying, she brings up a question which exhibits some of the worst traits of the female. First, she is the embodiment of what feminism has accomplished, celebrating the "strong and independent" --masculinized-- woman. But then she brings up this whiny and trivial, utterly girly and adolescent accusation that Mr Trump says true unkind things about unattractive women.

And, importantly, she frames this as a problem that he has with "women" and that "women" don't like it because it is so hurtful and reduces them to their looks (note Ms Kelly, coiffed and makeup'd and dressed into space).

This is the double message --a classical female literary form-- that woman are both powerful godesses and abject victims of the male gaze.

The agglutinated female victim collective, composed of strong independent women, is really concerned, when you get right down to it, with being considered hot by men. Suggesting that they are the shallow and vain creatures that millennia of males have described them as being...until they are redeemed by motherhood. See I Timothy 2:15.

Ms Coulter is correct: Of course they should never be allowed to vote.

Or anchor a news program.

This raises the misogynist question for ExC: can even conservative White women be trusted not to join their fembot sistahs in stabbing their men in the back?

PS  In their favor, a huge outcry against Kelly by lots of women indicates that she is not their spokes...person.

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