Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Are Republicans For Freedom Or White Identity Politics?

Are Republicans For Freedom or White Identity Politics?:

One Trump doth not a GOP transformation make, but it's fun to watch the Decent Conservatives tie themselves in "non-racist" knots as he continues his unapologetic march through the polls.


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Anonymous said...

I'm certainly no supporter of fascism (which the author seems to be making veiled hints to in his "we've seen where nationalism leads" comment), but I will point out that raising Hitler as a specter of "this is what happens when you become a nationalist" is pretty silly for somebody who supports Enlightenment principles, as a hard-core right-winger could just as easily point to Robespierre as "this is what happens when you start reading Rousseau." Last time I check, Hitler was not the sole fascist dictator at the time; Franco somehow managed to last for decades without attempting to wipe out any ethnic groups in Spain.

I think I predicted a few years back that eventually, people would tire of having the word "racist" used as a cudgel against them and embrace the insult. Meanwhile, the conservative intelligentsia grows more and more bitter that the voter base is throwing their models into chaos and that current events are forcing them to confront the idea of the Republican Party as the party of whites in America. Glad to see some of these eggheads get metaphorically swirlied.

- Sean

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