Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The human psyche is multiple and we are built so as to not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing.

I am absolutely not immune at all to the influence of money.

Women are fundamentally insane and love to play the victim. What men find sexually alluring about them continues to escape me.

Blacks are incapable of building...anything much. (Contrary evidence?) And speaking of contraries, their primary gift --aside from sports and music-- seems to be the opposite: dismantling whatever we have built. And them blaming us for their self-created plight. They deserve none of the sympathy they have been sucking out of Whites for the last half century. On the contrary.

And as a matter of inquiry, why do #BlackLivesMatter?

If Lincoln and his succeeding presidents had been able to re-patriate or ex-patriate the great majority of Africans after the War of Northern Aggression, this country's Achilles Heel would have been healed and that horrific war might have been worth it.

Pope Francis remains, IMHO, a dangerous buffoon.

Systems of religion and philosophy and politics contain insights which are not necessarily bound to the systems.

The two World Wars were actually White Civil Wars on a global scale.

If it is true that there are three basic kinds of ethics: virtue, consequence and duty, a workable ethics might try to include all three of them, depending on the issue.

The deepest fissure among men who are aware about the perilous position of the White race is about religion: the Nietzscheans and the Germanic neopagans vs the Christians, whom they utterly loathe.

At present, despite my misgivings, the only way I can see to carry over anything of the Bible into a new Euro post-Christian sacrality is to treat it only as metaphor, with just the barest interest in its historical assertions.

I continue to be impressed with the intelligence of many Christian theologians but am taking more seriously the notion that, at least for the White West, it is a sinking sun nevertheless.

If I have anything to offer for our spiritual future, it might be a transvaluation of Gnosticism into a terrestrial frame...which sounds like transvaluing Islam into a polytheist frame.

Whatever the heart of this enterprise turns out to be, its Sign of the Cross, or its Shema or its Shahada or its Triple Gem...it should be recited every day in the languages of the six great European families:
in Greek, Latin, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic and Uralic...


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