Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To be fair to my several readers

I made a FB comment that I feel it would be unfair of me to deprive you of. A conservative site trumpeted a Chinese immigrant woman's praise of America as the only country founded on universal values. The conservatives swelled with pride at this token of Third World appreciation.

Respondeo dicendum quod:

I have recently concluded that being founded on "universally accepted values" is not a strength but a flaw. Why? Because there are no such things. And also because the Founding Fathers never in their wildest dreams imagined or would have fought for the kind of racial/cultural Tower of Babel being foisted on us precisely in the name of these "values." They do not "unify," they dilute and dissolve.

Nations are extended tribes and tribes are extended families. Holding them all together is a combination of blood and culture. Not some abstract ideology, but real biological and cultural commonality. If you read the Founders, you can see that they were not really "universalists," but limited their interests and vision to men of their own European stock, whose dominance they, unfortunately, just took for granted rather than clearly asserting. The so-called "universal values" are in fact extremely Eurocentric and existed nowhere but in western Europe.

The result is that we are now supposed to believe the completely a-historical idea that America has always been "a creedal nation" for whom race and culture are irrelevant, to the direct detriment of the very people who created the place.

"Unversal values" creates the bizarre situation now where a new arrival to America --even one who broke the law and invaded illegally-- cannot be rejected because he is an alien from an alien culture. To say that immediately makes the native-born American a "racist" in his own homeland.

That is the logical outcome of "universal values," that those to whom the country actually is home and belongs can be instantly rendered illegitimate in it by the latest foreign arrival. This is not George Washington's America; this is Nancy Pelosi's and Barack Hussein Obama's.

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-A said...

That is what many people do not see about liberal values, they were intended to mend European gripes. Tolerance was meant to be inter-European, not inter-racial. It just degraded to that over time because the left loves to redefine a truth, cripple it, do the same to a million other truths, and use them as threads for a quilt of lies. Now we have the conflating of tolerance and love, comically, invoking Locke. If they ever read Locke's "Tolerance: The Fulcrum of Society" they would know that tolerance is neither "adoration or abhorance."


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