Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vernal and infernal

With the coming of Spring, the weekly Farmer's Market sets up shop on Wednesdays in the neighborhood. I mostly look and rarely buy, but it's nice. One of those Things White People Like.

Should I include my unseasonable reaction to the recent Florida shooting that the media and the government have decided are newsworthy? "Latino guy with White name shoots Black guy with stupid madeup name."  (Funny how Black perps' race is irrelevant but Black victims' race is paramount if the perp is asssumed to be White...but here is Latino). Since the Florida police can find no law broken, evidence being thin, Eric My People Holder's DOJ has taken an interest.  The spate of Black mob on White violence this past while however he has not found interesting. To say nothing of the practically ancient disproportionate Black on White crime and violence that characterizes this "nation of cowards".

The Muslim "French national" Mohammed Somethingorother who shot up Jewish school children in Toulouse will have his crime memorialized in a joint march featuring both Jews and Muslims. Can you imagine the opposite? Muslims marching in sad solidarity with Jews if the shooter had been Hebrew and his victims Mohammedans? Sure you could.

As I say, White people, Jews included here, are the most foolish race on the planet, able to act out of idealism when reality is shooting them in the face.

I am impressed very much with de Tocqueville's outline of how a democracy can reduce its people to slavery through equality, that “depraved taste for equality, which impels the weak to attempt to lower the powerful to their own level and reduces men to prefer equality in slavery to inequality with freedom."

His three paths seem really astonishingly prescient but I suspect were based on historical study.
1. Guarantee that individual parasitism would not affect the status and privileges of equal citizenship.
2. Maintain that elected officials and a vast administrative state are capable of gradually perfecting life through proper regulation.

3. Erode the life of communities, so that people see themselves only as inwardly-focussed individuals, intent on following their recreations and pleasures.
Really, for a Frenchy, very smart.

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