Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ideological enantiodromia

Like liberty and justice, diversity and inclusion sound liked natural buddies, but are in fact quite fractiously tense.

The decision at (private) Vanderbilt University is exemplary. Diversity invites all kinds of differences. But inclusion dislikes the very boundaries which describe differences. So the university has recently declare that any and all student associations, including religious one, must open not only their membership but their leadership to anyone at all. So a Muslim could join the Catholic Newman Club and run for its president.

This is not optional. So the Catholics are leaving the campus to set up organizational shop outside it.

So the end result of worshipping diversity and inclusion is that no one is really allowed to be different. And some supervening authority, the University or the State, strengthens diversity by forcing everyone to be considered the same.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of enantiodromia all over again, do you have any bets which way the final evidence will swing the Zimmerman Trayvon psychodrama? ... Will it be another Duke Lacrosse rape trial situation of apparent debacle for liberals? or will forgotten footage suddenly emerge showing GZ simply shooting Trayvon without provocation let alone necessity? or some other totally damning evidence against GZ?

P.S. again re Duke Lacrosse hiring strippers: umpteen years of Stanley Fish and white males have even less simple decency vis-a-vis womengirls! ... Maybe removing Christian-imperialism etc meanings from culture won't make us better persons after all. ...

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