Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No pleasing them

In the comments section after a review of Jack Donovan's new book, The Way of Men, two criticisms oddly joined.

A very traditional male misleadingly calls Donovan "a homosexual activist" and for this reason decides that the book cannot be worth anything.

Another guy considers Donovan's views to favor fascism. Of course, that is a slippery word. In some ways, I doubt Jack would object. But the guy then moves on to the SA, making a connection between that particular part of Nazi fascism and homosexuality. This is not an original point.

Well, it will be true that for a lot of conservative and traditionalist guys, male homosexuality will cut you off from the tribe of men, no appeal. (Oddly, in some really traditional societies, you often have a split here: only the bottom is excluded; a top's masculinity is not put in question.)

But the link between homosexuality and fascism --here, I think, a synonym for military rule--- is interesting. Most gays, despite their desire to end Dont Ask Dont Tell, have no use for the military, except perhaps as a sexual uniform fantasy. (Most gay men also don't want to marry and do not create relations stable enough to make a marriage, but they resent being excluded from the social and legal benefits of that club.) Because of our own generally rocky road to being men, it's easy to dismiss the men who epitomize what you are told you cannot be. And then there's the usual liberal and feminist hatred of guns and soldiers. (Although they have the typical shadow liberal tendency to fall in love with strong male leaders who rule by sheer force.)

But if a homosexual man likes both his sexuality and his sex, seeing himself not as a special Uranian creation but as a minority subset of the male tribe, it would not be surprising if, in reaction to the gay culture's promotion of pseudo-masculinity and effeminacy, he emphasized kinds of archetypal masculinity closer to Donovan's description of the primordial gang.

I note again the cultural split we are living through, played out in racial terms. Hip Hop culture is hugely pervaded by Black gangsta-thug values and styles. Donovan wittily quotes ms. ultra-pc bell hooks herself to the effect that “…gangsta culture is the essence of patriarchal masculinity.”  It is only because young Whites support this gang-based racialized maleness that the industry thrives. As so often the case, Blacks are the carriers of the primitive, which often goes by the name of "cool".  White men are expected to live by the castrating code of feminism, but Blacks are celebrated and hugely rewarded for their utter theatrical opposition to it. And White women who would bridle at being called a lady by a White man support Black ghetto trash singers who say bitch and ho as easily as breathing.

Under the cover of post-racial enlightenment, they get to worship in Blackland the very things they have so righteously condemned in Whiteland.

Rational animals indeed.

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