Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In My Beautiful Launderette, one of the heroes has a father who is an Indian socialist journalist living in England. He laments at one point that by their failure to support his idea of a just society "the working classes have been an enormous disappointment to me." I feel similarly about the Jungians. When it comes to social and political applications of Jung.

Found an old paper on Basic Jung by a contemporary Jungian of some note. Just fine until the liberal prejudice bleeds into it. He dismisses Jung’s comments about Aryan vs Jewish psychology as “stupid” and appearing to support “racial discrimination”. (Jung was no social egalitarian.) Then the usual examples of shadow projection: Bush’s “axis of evil” and Reagan’s “evil empire”. The completely unself-critical and approved bien-pensant point of view.

When the liberal elite kowtow to all the pieties of multiculturalism, including the special and unique psychological gifts of the oppressed people of color groups and their sacred "cultures", and assume that racism, sexism, homophobia and capitalism are great evils prima facie, it’s hard not to feel disgust at the self-serving hypocrisy. The sheer lack of thought or real curiosity. And while pretending to special knowledge and sensitivity, the opinions are simply collective attitudes, window dressing courtesy of a Swiss psychiatrist's lexicon.

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