Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interim musings

Some thought fragments from the days when my laptop was in the shop.

My idol, Shawn Spencer on Psych, supports one of my suspicions about heterosexuality. He recommends his partner Gus as a datable guy to a female client: He’s perfect. Single, has a job, and is willing to change everything about himself for a girl.

Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Once again the class resentment of his colleague is so repetitive and predictable. She is one bitter bitch*. Were she in charge of the world, the gulag would always be full.

No subaltern group wants equality, regardless of what they say. At the moment of saying it, most of them may even believe it. But eventually they will want privilege and revenge and dominance. Equality in nature is an exceeding rare and delicate, even unnatural, balance. If achieved, it lasts briefly and soon settles into unequal hierarchy, the natural state of nature.

So I guess all slopes are slippery.

(*At least she seems to know it. When Lynley threatens to quit the force at one point, she says she'd quit, too. When he asks why, she says, " 'Cause no one else would work with me." )


Thinking again about what an impregnable moral position is gained by adopting the progressive stance of group egalitarianism and individual libertarianism. You are in favor of everyone being happy and having what they want. Who could say a word against you?

It is a character flaw in American culture now that wildly wealthy celebrities can espouse piously highminded populist sentiments above –like the pathetic OWS sharade—and be acclaimed as allies of The People, when the wildly wealthy businessmen who create the industries that the celebrities live and thrive in are demonized and scapegoated.

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