Monday, March 05, 2012

Maybe I shouldn't

but I do. Like it.

All Over The Guy. Dan Bucatinsky's 2001 dysfunctional romantic comedy about two gay men in a ...dysfunctional romantic relationship.


An OCDish neurotic Jew and an approach/avoidance alcoholic Gentile. Supporting and contrasting are the pair's best friends, who form an instant semiperfect straight match. And two sets of parents: angry drunks on one side, intrusive psychologists on the other. Should annoy me, right? Doesn't. Neurotic but light-hearted (mostly) characters, with supersnappy 90's LA dialogue. Doris Roberts' great line about "Deepshock Oprah". Andrea Martin; she can say hello and I laugh.  Makes me smile and laugh. Against all my own principles, I like these guys.

But then, my novice master once told me that the only reason I was tolerable was because my life was inconsistent with my principles.

I bought the DVD on line back in the day, direct from the producer. Mr Bucatinsky autographed it. Yeah, I know.

In the interests of full disclosure, Richard Ruccolo (one half of the duo) is in that handsomehunky Dan Futterman school of the sexy boy next door.

Neither of them are fabulous, by the way, which is always a plus and a rarity in gay-themed films.

And the song that plays behind the closing frames, the wedding dance at sunset, is one of my favorites: The Jayhawks' I'm Gonna Make You Love Me. Moves me every time I hear it.

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