Monday, March 19, 2012

Back from the shop

The keyboard works. But now the colors are doing their shake and shimmer distortion dance. So my laptop is back...and not quite. I'll give it a chance overnight to heal itself, like last time.

Not having internet access or email has helped me honor my Lenten desire to avoid news that brings out my dark side. Not entirely however..the net is the occasion, not the cause. The cause is the world. Or me.


Anonymous said...

The online community seriously miss'd you. ... I know I speak for everyone on the internet when I say it's wonderful that you have return'd.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hope we won't have to wait until Lent is ended before we hear your reflections on the announcement that Rowan Williams will resign the See of Canterbury before the realization of his dream of integrating Shariah into English law in a way that would realistically guarantee that familial and social pressures wouldn't result in the mistreatment of Muslim women.

... It's true that there are Jewish husbands who from malice or vengefulness or a wish to prise better separation conditions will refuse to grant wives a get when a couple goes through a civil divorce.

But there are solutions for this sort of thing. I remember that some years ago Ontario's civil law imposes a penalty on Jewish men who refuse to grant a get: rabbis made so weak a protest against this intrusion of civil law into Halakha that one could almost suspect that they had put civil law up to this rescue of Judaism from embarrassment by certain men.

In the same way we may expect that Islamic authorities would be glad to have civil law intrude into Shariah in order to financially penalize Muslim men who do not live up to the equality of women as is taught in clear obviousness by the Quran and Islamic history generally, as EVERY Muslim authority affirms. Only Islamophobes feign that Islam isn't equalist. Presumably Islamic authorities wish to be taken at their word by kuffar jurists, judges, politicians. ... Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, during the Raj in India-Pakistan, the British have had considerable experience in ruling Muslims and dealing with religious law (dharma, shariah-fiqh) that needed superintendence by a modernizing legal system adequate to the technological era.

Accordingly, it shouldn't be difficult for British jurists to correct shariah-fiqh in order that Muhammad's wish for equality of men and women can finally be realized despite the malice and incompetence of Muslims over the centuries. Christianity and Judaism have been corrected by the "secular" arm, so Muslims should take confidence that their religion can be improved in this way too.

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