Friday, March 30, 2012

Joys of techno

Well, my other laptop is history. The screen had a nervous breakdown. I spent 60 dollars installing a new keyboard before the video card acted up. Now I have a new laptop. After only 15 months. Toshiba will not get my business again.

I have online storage, so all my data is safe, but I have to reinstall all the software.

And my email. First my account refused to send anything to any hotmail account, which includes the person I email the most. Now it will not send anything at all to anyone and tells me that I have been "banned due to abuse."

The gmx forums make clear that this is a bug, but so far no response from gmx and I have had to use my alternate gmail account. Unless it clears up soon, I'll move over to gmail entirely.

Reminds me of my grandma's dictum, "All human things, given time, go badly."

But with the new laptop I have an HDMI cable, so I can see my little laptop screen on my 32" TV if I want to.

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