Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I know it's just TV

and these are problem-and-conflict generating characters, in fiction, but the invasive, busybody, controlling, hectoring, no boundaries, know-it-all, it's-for-your-own-good and nothing-is-my-fault female...Gawd.

Utter self-absorption combined with complete lack of self-knowledge, much less any sense of limit, flaw, or ambiguity. And no learning from experience unless the pushback is violent, in which case she becomes The Victim.

Reminds me of As Good As It Gets. Breathless female fan to Jack Nicholson: How do you, as a man, write such amazingly real female characters? Nicholson: I write the character as a man, and then remove all reason and accountability.

It's no accident that both in the orthodox and the Gnostic tales of the Fall of the World, it is unbounded female curiosity at the bottom of it.


Mr.Ed said...

Dear Mr. ex Cathedra:
If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, why not consider watching the classics?
I'm sure they are all available at your local library.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

"Nothing's my fault" am become Death, the destroyer of Ex Cathedra's Lenten composure."

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wonder, will Girardian clerics give sermons on Zimmerman as an innocent scapegoat if he is convicted of murder and executed to expiate the vengeance passions now cathected to him by the MSM in context of America's 'original sin' of 'race' conniving?

Whether Trayvon or Zimmerman is the one crying for help as heard on tape recordings of the incident is perhaps to be tentatively decided with a view to which of them show'd evidence of serious wounds. ... Zimmerman has no beauty to look on, but he was initially wounded for the transgressions of the hater system? With his execution the nation will be heal'd? (Isaiah 53) ...

Admittedly, Trayvon is also dead. But he has beauty at least in the earlier photos of him, so he dies only as a victim of hate (if a black guy had kill'd him, his death would have no meaning at all, evidently); his death can't satisfy the now thwarted, aim-inhibited, frustrated passions connected with the offenses committed by white privilege. Only a white guy can be privileged to be scapegoat bearing the guilt of the hate system. (The scapegoat is innocent, as Girard says, but in the sense of a ninny; the scapegoat doesn't understand -- because we don't tell him -- that he really does bear the guilt of the nation.)

In any event, POCs need not apply for any scapegoat position in the psychodrama?

P.S. Is the concept of “meme” only one more meme, which thus may or may not Darwinianly deserve to survive?

Or does this concept objectively truly describe all memes? the way Darwin's theory is objectively true and not merely a function of surviving etc, as is everything else done by man or other species?

Anonymous said...

Re a scapegoat for the Man's karma or wei: I see that Luther uses "Zimmermann" to translate carpenter or tektĂ´n in NT Greek (nt5045 from base of 5088) (Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3).

Mr. Freeze said...

It's not just TV and the movies.

They really do seem ubiquitous in life.

As with all staunchly personified stereotypes, I still can't figger out if it's more the people creating the stereotype - or the stereotype creating the person.

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