Thursday, September 15, 2011

You ropa

Just for the hell of it, I tried to remember all my trips to Europe.

1972-1973            Spent a year there, mostly in Rome, studying. On my way back home, I took a long several weeks driving thru France, plus a two-week sojourn in England, as well as a couple of weeks in Greece and Turkey and ten days in Spain.

1976                     A month: from Amsterdam, to France, to Italy, to Switzerland, to Germany and back home. A charter flight and living in hostels…door to door the total cost was $500!

1989                     A month: Amsterdam, France, Italy, Spain.

2000                     Two weeks in Tuscany.

By country: Italy, 4x; France 3x; Holland, 3x; Spain, 2x; Greece 1x; Turkey 1x; Switzerland 1x; Germany 1x.

Never been to Ireland or Israel. And turned down a chance for 6 months in Oxford in the 80's.

Wonder if I'll ever see the Old World again?

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