Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Big Freeze

I have seen several derivatives of The Big Chill. Part of the scenario in each one is the revelation of secrets and a lot of buried interpersonal conflict and eros. It's practically a set script by now, almost a franchise.

The 2008 version is Pretty Ugly People, college friends reunited under false pretenses and then sorta force-marched for four days through the wood and mountains of Montana. Some of them are pretty and most of them are pretty ugly. The overcompensatingly macho closeted homo. The two married couples, both in crisis: A compulsively assimilated Black politician and his labile ghettofabulous lardass wife. A chubby mom and her cold judgmental husband. The centerpiece and catalyst is a former fat girl who is now a skinny hotty. There's only two decent people in the piece: an underachieving flight steward taken for gay, but who isn't. And the Jack Noseworthy character.
(He's the guy in profile on the right.)

Even though his character is a hiphop producer of a group called Motherfuckin' 3, hey, what could beautiful Jack do and not be appealing?*

The frame, that mug, the smile.

The epilogue is treacle.

The real star of the movie is the western Montana landscape.


*Yeah, I've liked him for a long time. Part of my boyishly handsome sexy B-movie actor thing, the Dan Futterman syndrome.

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Culono sasquatchiano said...

Nice use of lardass.

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