Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cyber bits and pieces

Paris has passed a law forbidding religious assemblies and prayers in the street. Because of the Muslims. But now, of course, Catholics can't have Corpus Christi processions and the Orthodox can't hold their Easter Vigil procession. One more benefit of Islamic immigration.

Reminds me of people in the gay marriage debate who decide that this a good reason to get the government out of the marriage business and return it to the private sphere...which was when? Anyway, an example of dismantling a mainstream traditional structure to either placate or alleviate some minority problem.

When I opined on a comments thread that the prominence of Jews in left and liberal movements --what I call the Noam Chomsky syndrome-- did not make me happy, "Son of Jacob" accused me of turning politics into an ethnic blame game and of course named me an anti-Semite.  He first faulted Gentile white men for dominating everyone else and then started crowing about Jews being in the forefront of progressive social change to undo this oppression...which, of course, is just an ethnic blame-and-praise game. Shows the complex nature of individuals and groups. Jews, as a group, a very high IQ people. This particular son of Jacob, not so much.

A beautiful warm, breezy, sunny Saturday morning made doing the dishes almost a pleasure.

B. communicated to me that no matter how I feel, and even if I don't know it, I am a happy man. Reassuring, no?


Leah said...

You are not an antisemite, Waxman otoh is quite the antisemite. But he's of the left - so it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

"B. communicated to me that no matter how I feel, and even if I don't know it, I am a happy man. Reassuring, no?"

Is the notion that you have not tasted of the Tree of the Knowledge of Happiness and Sadness, and thus are innocent thereof?

Several of my familial persons were/are with the habit of 'knowing' that I'm unhappy, even when I'm not, and feeling obliged to talk with me about it. (Urk.)

Contrast that with work, where I have a reputation for being "always happy" and "never miserable" (Hmm.)

Contrast with my late father, who always was getting into discussions of "I /am/ unhappy" against "But you /shouldn't/ be." (Urk.)


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