Thursday, September 08, 2011

Should vs is

I had a buddy back in Toronto years ago, rather younger than I, who was frequently bent out of shape because certain things that happened offended him and the world "should" be different. Get in line.

One of the reasons I drifted away from our culture's standard liberalism --and the acceleratedly rejected it after 9/11-- was that I grew tired of being asked to see the world as it should be and positively discouraged from seeing it as it is. Now that may sound odd, since liberalism is about nothing else than taking what is and replacing it with what should be. The old RFK chestnut about some asking why and him asking why not.

What I mean is that the world and human beings and the human condition changes little and that some things, which we used to call common sense, simply remain the case despite our desire that they be different than they are.

Some of things I was asked to believe and see and uphold when I was a liberal; things that I do not believe or see or uphold.

Men and women are interchangeable except that women are better and are to be accomodated at their whim.

All races and ethnic groups are equally talented, admirable and accomplished except that Whites are the most immoral group.

Those who have, since they likely got what they have on the backs of others, have a moral duty--which should be enforced by the government-- to share with those who have less, regardless of why they have less.

America is a uniquely evil and mendacious civilization which should cooperate in erasing itself to atone for its unforgivable sins. All other civilizations are ok or better --except maybe Germany.

Any form of violence is wrong, unless, of course, it is exercised by approved victim groups, in which it is understandable payback for historic wrongs.
Organized religion, especially Christianity, is a dangerous superstition which should be made a private vice at best.

Humans are an infestation on Mother Earth, and while human are required to do whatever is necessary to save The Environment, the planet would be much better off without us altogether.
Every one of these viewpoints is complete bullshit. Hence, Ex Cathedra.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, Did you "drift" away our culture's standard liberalism because you "grew tired" of having see the world as it should be and positively discouraged from seeing it as it is, or did you transfer your natural-born energetic dissatisfaction from the world and apply it to our culture's standard liberalism? ...

In any case, maybe it "lacks common sense" to find fault with the standard liberalism as if one can reasonably expect our crowd to do something different. ... And I suppose it would lack common sense to expect ex cathedra to become a que sera sera kind of guy. ...

Anonymous said...

A Prot professor a generation older than moi in Boston claim'd that a turning point for him away from liberalism was this: an NCC committee he was on in the early 1980s(?) had funded a study of the use of chemical pesticides comparing family farms with those of agribusiness; the study found that the family farmer used much more per acre, whereas big operations used only the prescribed amount, etc; so, dismissing his strong objections, the NCC committee voted to destroy the findings of the study.

But you know, really, this prof was always rather an odd man out, for example, he didn't really march to the proper tune against American involvement in Vietnam.


Tarquin said...

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’" The Serpent says this to Eve in Shaw’s “Back to Methuselah”

Interesting that Ted Kennedy later used the Serpent's word so eulogize his murdered brother.

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