Wednesday, September 14, 2011


No, this is not a post about adult diapers. Not yet, anyway.

I caught a few moment of lesbian comic Page Hurwitz at some gay comedian festival. Thought I'd never heard of her before until she started her car jokes. Then I remembered.

She got a hybrid, she announced, and wanted to use its silence to help her more easily run down a few people. After a celebrity or two, it started. Sarah Palin.  Then I remembered.

Several years ago, before she got her carbon footprint shrunk, she did a routine about wanting to drive her car down in the Red States and run over a lot of people there.

Audience, of course, laughs and applauds.

I actually wrote her a protest note back then and she told me to get a sense of humor.

Can you imagine me, Mr Gay Rightwinger, telling an audience about people I'd like to run over? Al Sharpton and Michael Moore and Nancy Pelosi?

Oh, the horror, the horror. I'd be contributing to the hateful climate that led to the shootings in Arizona. Another bigot.

But when a dyke Democrat does it in front of an audience of homos, it's cute.


Then I found out that Ms. Hurwitz has been chosen by the new Oprah network to be the producer of a daytime talk show. Hosted by Rosie O'Donnell.

Now, everything is illuminated.

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