Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stupid woman or stupid person?

I read the SF Chronicle this morning. Mistake.

Huge condescending and biased cover story on the anti-affirmative action bakesale (aka "stunt")  at UC Berkeley. For you uninitiated, to show the wrongness of affirmative action bias in favor of certain races, they sell cupcakes, but you are charged a different price depending on your color or ethnicity. Whites have to pay more than Peeps of Color. It enrages lefties because it is so clear.

And then there was a Letter to the Editor bemoaning the conviction of a dozen Muslim hecklers who tried to shout down the Israeli ambassador at a speech at UC.

This stupid woman, or stupid person, writes that she does not see why the Fred Phelps people can picket funerals but the poor little Mohammedans, who have something really useful (that is, something she agrees with) to say are punished by Amerika. Well, if Mo's rowdies were subject to the same strictures as the Phelps thugs, they'd have been 500 feet away and outside the hall. So that, stupid woman/person, is the reason.

I'll admit it: evil disturbs me. Stupidity really irks me. And moral umbrage combined with dumbness...well, that's enough to make me eat a donut.


Leah said...

Hope it was a good fatty sugar filled donut. Are those allowed in San Francisco?

PNWReader said...

Liberals eat all the donuts they want. They just buy lipid and sucrose offset credits.

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