Monday, September 19, 2011

I hate Nazis

And not just because they were vicious totalitarians, like their far more evil cousins the Communists, but because, being White racists, they have allowed Western liberals to make them not only the worst but the sole significant example of evil in the world. All forms of White self-assertion are now simply feeders for the Nazi/racism trope.

Since the Left has succeeded in casting National Socialism as right-wing and therefore conservative, they can call every conservative a Nazi. Such a convenience.

And since the Nazis were not sacred and holy People of Color, but ultra-White Germans, there are no limits to how they can be denigrated*.

Both the Military and the History Channels are waaaaay overstocked with Nazi footage. But the 75 year reign of terror and horror by Communists is a sideline issue. So we all know that White Racism is the worst crime in all of history, but somehow Egalitarianism Gone Wrong's 100 million dead is a mere miscalculation not worth obsessing over. Good intentions derailed.

I recently caught a few moments of Inglourius Basterds, which shows a group of US Jews special forces who went behind lines to kill Nazis. By any means necessary, and in detail. We have brains bashed out with baseball bats, scalping, and the mass burning and shooting of a theatre full of Nazis and their wives.

Ask yourself what other group beside White Racists/Nazis would Hollywood allow to be portrayed and treated in this manner?


*When I worked in the hyper PC world of AIDS services in the 80's-90's, the word "denigrate" was forbidden, since it is a Latinate term which simply means "to blacken".  I got in trouble, even then, when I asked if we could still talk about our finances being "in the red" (as opposed to "in the black"!) because it would insult Native/FirstNations people.

While I'm at it, some historians make a mockery of the times in the Christian Roman world, back in the 4th and 5th centuries, when there was a serious and widespread debate over the right words, the orthodoxy, to be used to describe Christ's relationship to God the Father. In Greek, was he homo-ousios, of the same substance, or homoi-ousios, of a similar substance. All hung on a single letter, an iota. How silly. But of course we enlightened moderns would never quibble of lady vs woman, or undocumented vs illegal, or Negro vs African-American. Or Afro-American. Or anything like that. How quaint. And we are so advanced.

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