Saturday, September 24, 2011

He are not amused

Pope Benedict XVI has put a great deal of energy into jettisoning his once-thespian predecessor's love for flashy and glitzy worship services. Tradition, dignity, continuity with the past, beauty....these are Papa Ratzinger's values. He has even gone so far as to give free rein to Catholics who want to celebrate the old rites as they were before the 1960's Vatican Council. So here he is in Germany, with lots of restless post-Christian Kraut problems on his hands to begin with, and during the opening incensation of the altar at Mass, they play the kind of music that lets you know that The Old Continent is beyond all hope.

Opening of Berlin Papal Mass from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.

Benny's final pontifical glance, I suspect, includes the unspoken phrase "Europop trash", as well as regret that the Inquisition gave up using the rack and the stake.

Someone's head will roll.


Anonymous said...

Selecting appropriate music for any occasion is often fraught. Mr. ExCathedra is traditionally a traditionalist when it comes to tradition, but when Mass is held at a race track perhaps something livelier is in order.

Was penance converted to laps?
Used the Lord's Name in Vain: One lap.
Dishonored a Parent: Two laps.
Experienced lustful thoughts: Join the crowd.

Anonymous said...

... A new, Traditionalist dawn from the east (Niger, in Prince chapter 19)? "Paparatzi Niger's values"?

Traditionalism: RumMaging around in old papers.
Paparazzi from French paperassier, one who rummages around in old papers. Paperasserie: old waste paper; domination by red tape.

Someone's eyes will roll.

er, author of »Popery and Potpourri, or When Will the Teaching Church Ever Learn?«

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