Saturday, September 04, 2010


Even though I have developed a lot of social skills and become more extraverted, I am basically an introvert and a thinking type. And so experiencing strong feelings, especially negative ones, is physically wearing. Wipes me out. Fear, anger, sorrow run through me like waves, as real as a physical illness. Extraverted feelers I have known are actually energized by this kind of stuff. Not me. Wrung out. I went out for a walk and had to sit down on a bench for a half hour or I think I would have passed out from tiredness.

My anger partner of last evening and I are working things out. I figured we would. But it's stepping into a realm where I feel like I'm swimming in white water.

My anger partner of yesterday morning. Well, I have not heard from him. Not surprising.

Thank God the sun is out. At least I can't match the inside and the outside. Salvation by meterology.

No wonder Johnny Cash took drugs.

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