Saturday, September 04, 2010

Animus, anima, animality

Many liberals have an animus against the military and the police, the section of the government armed with guns. A bit paranoid, I think. But they can't seem to get enough of bureaucrats, the section of the government armed with regulations. More than a little naive, I think.

Sure, there are all sorts of needs, all sorts of problems that need addressing, always will be: but why do they think it is always the job of the State to fix them? 

My definition of contemporary liberalism, progressivism, still makes sense to me: A political program of using governmental power and social control to enhance the status, power and resources of Official Victim Groups by wresting them from the Official Oppressor Groups.

Interesting how Blacks get cast sometimes in roles as spiritually superior beings. Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, Ruby Dee as Mother Abigail in Stephen King's The Stand*, Whoopie Goldberg as Guinan on Star Trek. Reminds me of the role of the Russian peasant during the Czarist period: because of their primitive connection to the earth and the chthonic powers, to instinct and animality, their lack of "spoilage" by civilization and reason, they were invested with a kind of spiritual quality lost to the de-racinated higher classes. They gave Russia Rasputin. And we have, oh, I don't know, Al Sharpton? (*What a dog's breakfast, btw.)

Unrequited love is an awful thing. Semi-requited love ain't no party, either. One is clearly painful, the other confusingly so.

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Anonymous said...

The Liberal establishment does tend to view blacks, as well as general "Third World Others" as somehow still having one foot in Eden.

Yet...something very different between the US and Russian view of the noble peasant you detail is how here, the most "primitive"/chthonian/rustic of whites are seen by Liberals as their worst enemies! They're just some barbarian living anachronisms who are apt to run amuck and establish a Fourth Reich next Tuesday. (Jim Goad makes much exposure of this inconsistency in his _Redneck Manifesto_, BTW) It's a very curious twist in things, and I wish I could penetrate the psychology of it better.


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