Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rock of aging

I had lunch at the Cafe de la Presse today with my friend, the Gnostic bishop Rosamonde. Worth a posting of her own some day. A mix of deep spirituality and resolutely on-the-ground good sense. We usually spend a few hours talking politics, sex and religion. Very Ex Cathedra. I was a half hour late, something I very rarely am. Been a bit off me feed of late, including dates and times. Thought today was Friday most of the day.

Walking back down Market Street, --great sunshine--I thought I'd stop in at the Apple store to see if I could find a decent earpiece with microphone, with a wire, so I could talk without holding my new iPhone up to my ear. Well, as soon as I walked into the jampacked store, I realized that I was old. Was there anyone over thirty in there?

I went looking for the phone thingy and a young man from the staff asked if he could help. When I explained what I wanted, he took me over to the Bluetooth earphone section. I allowed as how I had already lost two Bluetooth pieces and they were too expensive for that. His answer, Yeah, my dad lost his while he was gardening. I could tell by his tone that he was trying to be culturally competent and make the old man feel at home. Kinda sweet, actually.

But the young Applets, well, they're young!

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