Thursday, September 02, 2010

Private vice, civic virtue

Not only am I ramping my number of posts, but I ran out of cigars way ahead of my usual schedule. Had to head up to Portola to restock this morning. It's pretty warm today, but brilliant sunshine and that striking blue sky we have...God, what a beautiful city this can be. Took the 37 up there and walked a few blocks, then took the 48 down to Noe Valley, switched to the J Church Street car.

So many different glimpses of this beautiful place. The hills and winding streets with all the houses jammed up against each other, trees and flowers...far more affecting than the usual Alamo Square Painted Ladies. In a way, it's like wandering thru Venice, where turning every corner brings some new pleasure to the eye. Or some Italian hill town, but where everything is made not from stone but from wood.

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