Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back on Brokeback

I read Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain a couple of years before I saw Ang Lee's film version of her stunning piece. Both her craggy words and his open-skyed images have often moved me to tears. A great American love story. Someone (an Italiana?) has put some of them together, along with Pat Metheny's piece, Spiritual.


DoDoGuRu said...

I was actually disappointed with the film adaptation... To me, Proulx's story wasn't really about their relationship at all, much less their sexuality. That seemed incidental to the story of the American wilderness in "Close Range" that wasn't much in evidence in Brokeback Mountain.

PNWReader said...

I haven't seen the film except as excerpts here and there on YouTube, but I did read Proulx's story. Based on what I have seen, the film is much better than her story. Can't imagine how she got it published. Found it unbelievable and her writing style annoying. Hemingway she ain't. But that could be generational prejudice on my part.

Elsewise, I'm very glad that you are neither Jack nor Ennis.

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