Sunday, September 05, 2010


Hardly in the mood for company, much less social merriment, but it was my friend G's 60th birthday party this evening. She'd told me, "I don't care if all my brothers and sisters don't come, but you better be there." After 14 years, an imperial friendship. So there I was, putting on my public face. But it was a nice evening, family and friends, tons of food; handled with customary efficiency and style by her two very efficient and stylish daughters. A nice easy mix of ages and races, mostly Asian and white, with a few blacks and a stray Latino. Lots of therapists. Silly and very funny hip hop version of G's early life by her older brother, and a quiz show --the family team vs the friend team --on her secrets, passions and eccentricities. Very affectionate and easy. I think she had a good evening; she looked great. I was glad I was there to be part of it. Took BART over to Oakland and got a ride back from an old colleague from my interning days. She and her girlfriend just celebrated 23 years together. Got lost driving in bad parts of Oakland, but since she is a woman, she asked directions of a nice man with a dog and we got back to SF in one piece. Back home now, the house seems unusually quiet.

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