Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Murder postponed

Early in the month, I contemplated insecticide, but haven't yet wiped out the wasps. They are living now inside the lantern by my kitchen door. When it is very hot, some of them come out and start trying to cool the nest down with a lot of wing flapping. It's kinda touching, actually. Now they are all hatched and grown, so they come out and sit, most of them, on the cool side of the lantern. As long as they don't sting me, I may leave them alone and let nature take her course with them.


Leah said...

Your kindness towards wasps is touching, me I would have emptied a whole can of insecticide into them.

Anonymous said...

I once momentarily stopped a sort of house-cleaning party to carry some 200 orb-weaver spider hatchlings out of the house and into the yard, rather than zap them with cleansers. When they were tossed onto the grass, each and every one began spinning a miniature weblet.


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