Monday, December 23, 2013

The Victim Minorities Rule, continued

The latest kerfuffle over the Duck Dynasty's theological attitude toward homosexuality is just one more instance of how The Law gets played out. Mark Steyn, as usual, puts it well.

The Right is yelling that this a war on Christianity. True enough. But it is part of a larger scheme that they have bought into almost as much as their Progressive opponents. They want the Duck Dynasty patriarch to have the freedom to claim a Biblical objection to same-sex sex. But they would be joining the cultural elites on the jury for an opinions he might have about Blacks, or women, or any of the other Sacred Victim groups that we must never ever make feel bad.

Once your group achieves Sacred Victim status in the eyes of the Progressive taste-makers, you are henceforth immune to criticism, of any kind. Any refusal to embrace and celebrate you is taken as one step away from a pogrom. The age of sticks and stones is long past.

You are no longer allowed to have a negative attitude toward homosexuality or gay marriage (even if you distinguish between behavior and people).

But it's been a long long time since the same Law has been in place in regard to the other Sacred Victim Groups: Jews, Blacks and all Peeps of Color, Wymyn, the Differently Abled, Special Needs Kids, Mohammedans, Illegal Aliens...I mean, Undocumented Future Americans, etc.

And the "LGBTQ Community" has achieved that status. No matter how powerful they become, they can always play the victim card. 

What do all these isms and phobias mean except that any un-approved attitudes, beliefs or actions in their regard are pathologized and criminalized (either socially or actually in law)? No matter how good an argument you can make for them or how factual they are.

"Tolerance" really means the imposition of an intolerantly absolute set of doctrinal ideas from which no deviation is tolerated. Mr. Orwell, welcome home.

You must accept and celebrate all the Sacred Victim Groups --and a good dollop of regret and apology is always a nice touch. 

Otherwise, just Shut Up.


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