Monday, December 16, 2013


Not much posting of late. Been doing other things.

But Fear Not.  I'd like to assure my readers that I remain as declinist as ever, not one whit more optimistic about the end result of the US and Western civilizational implosion.

Republicans are still, as always, feckless pussies.

Obama is still an alien virus whose double election reveals the rot in the American electorate.

Universal suffrage is an insane idea. Derived from the frankly incredible notion of universal equality.

Francis The Talking Pope still blathers on. And on and on. Un chiacchierone.

Whites are still The Most Foolish People On the Planet.

Just wanted to re-assure you.


1 comment:

Calen said...

Heartiste was very eloquent on the subject of American decline today.

Every time he really hits his stride, I recall your assessment of his writing as "the English language on steroids." That's an apt description to be sure.

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