Monday, December 30, 2013



Version 2011 worked fairly well, although it refused to download transactions directly from the bank, as it promised.

Version 2014 refused either to download them from the bank OR from my computer, effectively making the software useless, unable to import any new information. A visit to the forums shows that I am not alone in this stunning failure.

So I removed 2014 and reinstalled 2011.

Which now also refuses new imports of files from my computer as well as showing running balances from the first 10 months that are wildly off.

FU Quicken.

Update: Quicken's gone. Installed AceMoney. So far, so good.


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Anonymous said...

Read Harrada's article in the previous post. Two thoughts:

He mentioned that Judaism and Christianity lack the mythological basis for homosexuality. Could same-sex couples' divorce rates being far higher than straight couples' divorce rates be due to a mythological dissonance, engaging in something that the Western subconscious thinks of as wholly alien? A nagging fear due to a lack of justification in the Western narrative?

The fact that he mentioned that Christians can't be blamed for following their worldview makes me wonder if Christianity's religion has run its course. Have all the changes of the past 2,000 years in science, philosophy, politics, etc., left Christianity in the dust? Do religions come along when the old ones can't answer the questions of the present, like how Christianity replaced the gods of Rome?

I thought of a scenario whereby the Catholic Church could okay same-sex relationships while still maintaining same-sex relationships: As part of an ecumenical council, the Church declares that, while homosexual acts outside of marriage are still mortal sins, homosexual acts that sprout from a genuine affection and desire for companionship have lesser penalties. Like how suicide is normally a mortal sin, but the severity of the sin is lessened if the sinner is not of sound mind. The fact that it is not perfect makes it seem like a somewhat realistic solution to me, and perhaps even possible.


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