Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mr Steyn Opeynz

Continuing about the Duck Dynasty thing, he references his (and Ezra Stein's) battles against the Canuckistan "Human Rights" commissars and remarks on the importance of pushing back against the hectoring:
The alternative is to let the control-freaks shrivel the bounds of public discourse remorselessly so that soon enough you lack even the words to mount an opposing argument.
This is the end result of the MarxistPC push, that you will have so effectively and reflexively self-censored your own mind that "you lack even the words to mount an opposing argument."


And let me repeat (as I am wont to do), that this same reflexive self-censorship has been so deeply internalized on other matters --like race and gender, for starters-- that the angry Right does not even know it is fighting a rear-guard skrimish in a war where it has already surrendered, and happily.


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Anonymous said...

The French and Polish Resistances fought rearguard campaigns against the Germans, and you could probably make an argument that the Viet Cong did so, as well. In the former cases, they harried a superior enemy for years until a superior ally could come to their aid; and in the latter, they simply refused to give up until their enemy walked away in frustration.

One of two things will happen: either this country recovers and experiences a renaissance, or it collapses and is eventually replaced by a superior power. The former is desirable, but the latter may be the only effective way to set things right.


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