Thursday, December 26, 2013

My morning misogyny

Watching how the West is letting itself simple be talked into dismantling and erasing itself, I wondered if such an unprecedented form of cultural suicide could have taken place if it had remained an all-male polity.

Certainly its current insanity could never have set in without the leadership and the compliance of far too many White Males. But if only White Males had political power, as was the case until almost the 20th century, if there had been no caving in to the Suffragettes and the 19th amendment had never happened...

could an all-male political order be talked into suicide?

(Unless you interpret the acquiescence of the once all-male political order in female suffrage to be, by itself, that suicide...)

Or does it require the destabilizing and sentimentalizing presence of politically empowered females for this to happen?



Anonymous said...

England tore itself apart in Civil Wars, so did the USA, each different before and after, each led by men.

Bishop of Portland

OreamnosAmericanus said...

True enough. But an armed war with clear sides is a typical male way of conflict. Allowing yourself to be talked into suicide without a shot being fired and no threat of armed force involved, that's what I'm seeing. Something rather different, no?

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