Saturday, December 07, 2013

Another gay movie


I watched it because of Ian Roberts. I confess.

Former Australian rugby player. A giant. And that combo of testosterone and crooked smile and sweet good humor. Not a great actor, but charm oozing out through the screen. At least IMHO.

The plot's about two guys with bad timing. And they are both completely unfabulous. A plus.

Another other thing I liked about it: when the two principals, Mr Roberts and one Ronnie Kerr (who also wrote it), finally fall into bed, it's very recognizable real stuff. Amid all the friendly mayhem there's a lot of smiling.

For that alone, worth a watch.



Anonymous said...

I'll have to give this one a look. Both of the principles look like they are out of place among the more typical gay men. How many of us go through that experience on a daily basis?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

True. They do stick out. Both are standard masculine in their presentation. Both are "adopted" and befriended by the Queen who is the other strong character. This is not unbelievable, in my experience. The Queen plays a kind of maternal role for these ex-military guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say but Ian Roberts can't act. His voice puts me off, sounds robotic to me.

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