Sunday, December 19, 2010


Despite my new antivirus program, my laptop got infected with malware from a site purportedly allowing the download of old out of print books. The screen that kept popping up was from pspacebrilligdotcom. It took three new antivirus scannings to find the stuff and remove it. Malwarebytes was the only program that dealt with it.

But, it has apparently infected Ex Cathedra itself. A friend in Canada can't open the blog because he gets the same kind of screens I got. But a local reader can open it with no problem.

Very odd, since the files are on the Blogger server, not my computer. I am working on finding out what is wrong.

UPDATE: Although the Norton site says it is safe, readers who have been attacked by it mentioned that IE8 blocked it. I tried that and it did. Told me to get the hell out of there. The site, btw, is on a Rumanian server and although its title is World of Books, its URL is: (in safe mode) www.woriddashofdashbooksdotcom.

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