Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Five: Knowledge & Withdrawal

My home base. I have worked hard and found myself in different situations and relationships over the years that have balanced me out a bit --both my training and work as a psychotherapist and my connections to lovers and friends-- but I recognize these deep-seated tendencies in me. I might be a recovering Five, but I recognize myself here.

Special Gift: Knowing "what's so"
Self-Definition: "I'm perceptive."
Shadow Issue: Miserliness
Rejected Element: Meaninglessness
Addiction: Knowledge
Strength Needed: Detachment
Defense Mechanism: Isolation (compartmentalization)
Psychological Disturbance: Avoidant personality
Talk Style: Dissertations
Preoccupations Include: Concern with privacy; withdrawal; social/antisocial dichotomy.
Restricting and minimizing personal needs as a way of non-involvement.
Need to control unpredictable feelings and reactions.
Sectioning off emotionally charged experiences into predetermined time units; setting boundaries.
Interest in using analytical knowledge as a substitute for emotional experience.
Confusion between spiritual non-attachment and personal withdrawal from emotional pain.
"Outside observer" point of view leading some to feel isolated from the events of one's own life and others to a point of view detached from the biases of personal fear or desire.
Focus: Personal emphasis on "home as castle."
Couple emphasis on confidence.
Community emphasis on totems, identifying with "those who know."
Life Task: Gaining knowledge of life by stepping into action from being an observer, taking in exactly what is needed and letting the rest go.

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