Friday, December 31, 2010

If I were shallow

I would stop in my tracks here.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely refreshing!

50ish HETERO/Conservative, reads your great writing and says - "Hey being a 'homosexual' DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE STUPID! Or can't THINK!

Sorry, been involved in the arts. Performed with major symphonies and one Opera company (Choral work, hobby)..and had plenty of 'gay' fellow performers. Always got along FABULOUSLY...and found many of them to be, in terms of defense, monetary policy, enviroment..etc. CONSERVATIVE.

I guess that's the REAL coming out of the closet!

Keep up the good work! (And sorry about your 2010 problems. 2011 is a NEW year..all the best.)

Max in MN

OreamnosAmericanus said...


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