Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quakers might have something

Sitting around not-talking as a way of worship sounds good when you read some of the things God has to listen to.  With the re-translation of the Catholic Mass, a local American text for the American Thanksgiving Day actually got re-written. The old one really was a religious celebration of Manifest Destiny, quite strange for a project riddled with political correctness. The new one is more generic, but includes what must be a cut and paste job from some bloviating pontifical commission's document on "justice and peace" or whatever sanctified political twaddle they pump out these days.

The text of the Preface, the part that leads up the the climactic Consecration, now says:

You have entrusted to us
the great gift of freedom,
a gift that calls forth
responsibility and commitment
to the truth that all have a fundamental dignity before you.

Poor God.

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Anonymous said...

... What meaning for this claim is construed in context? I mean, for example, is there an implication (I assume there should be) that because of sin all men aren't free in the most fundamental consideration. But the revelation of the Gospel and the granting of grace is an offer of freedom?

Correctly (if in 'bloviating' lingo), then, the re-translation of the Mass indicates that freedom is a gift to men. Freedom is not intrinsic to men, at least not after the fall into sin.

Also contrary to the usual "justice and peace" mindset, "all" have a dignity only before God, sc without revelation and grace and the response in faith, all men in reality have no real dignity.

"Responsibility and commitment" to the truth that all have dignity only before God should accordingly be an implication to convert the Nations à la the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

One question is whether this freedom and dignity founded in revelation, grace, faith, can be truly reflected in freedoms à la the UN Charter, democracy, and so on, or must the result be only confusion (as though freedom to do whatever in career and lifestyle is somehow meaningfully similar to freedom in faith and grace from sin).

Canentibus me Julioque apud scholam,

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