Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jesus ween

Some Evangelical Christians who find Halloween a Satanic event have a website proposing a competing "Jesus" ween. I thinks that's just silly. But then I think that cloth-of-gold decked priests worshipping God in Latin is normal.

Halloween is a big deal in San Francisco, of course, and it does get pretty Satanic. Not because people dress up bizarrely but because local gangs, Latino and Black, use it as an excuse to get violent. But it's not as if they're only bad on October 31st. Can't blame the day for that.

Coming out of the subway at Castro Street this afternoon, I was met with a Halloween event. There's a local eccentric who makes at least part of his living tailoring religious garments. He's been around for years. This year he built a shrine to the Virgin Mary, complete with ikon, and vested authentically as an Orthodox priest, was busy incensing it. Unlike the blasphemous Hunky Jesus contest put on every Easter by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, he is, though an impersonator, not at all mocking in his little scenario. Just eccentric.

The smell, to me, is very evocative. But hardly Satanic. Although some would suggest that I am not a primo judge of that.

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