Monday, October 03, 2011

1968 strikes again

Hyper articulate bad-boy writer Jim Goad on the occupation of Wall Street by "Unemployed street poets, unemployed performance artists, unemployed interpretive dancers, unemployed bongo drummers, unemployed Gender Studies grads, unemployed placard-makers, unemployed graphic designers, unemployed social-media directors, and unemployed soup-makers."
There were celebrity visits from washed-up screeching beluga Rosanne Barr* and the perennially aggrieved Susan Sarandon with her communist breasts (!). Cornel West showed up and proudly displayed his woolly hair, gleaming buckteeth, and scholarly eyeglasses. Michael Moore appeared on TV and voiced his support for the protesters, saying that some people were eating more than their fair share of the pie—and if anyone should know, it’s him.
 Washed-up screeching beluga? Communist breasts?

 His pen is a mighty as any sword I ever saw.

*I suspect that Silvio Berlusconi could describe her in the same terms he applied to Angela Merkel, although far more richly deserved.

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Anonymous said...

The same SAFETY. Not Marxist-Hegelian dialectical spiritual materialism ("armed Fichteans") attacking bourgeois economics and religion, but merely wash'd up celebrities and "alternative" lifestyle personnel who don't even make any serious use of Christianity. ... Arm'd Fichteans can become Nietzscheans. ... How thoroughly undangerous these protesters are, how domesticated, how tamely they keep their 'protests' within the lines drawn by military-industrial complex authorities. The military-industrial complex cannot be shaken by 'performance artists' et al doing 'street theatre.'

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