Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is it just me

or is it a little funny to have this book downloaded to your Kindle?

For those who think manhood is code for Neanderthal, the table of contents lists important masculine roles: Survivor, Provider, Athlete, Hero, Gentleman, and Philosopher.


Anonymous said...

I don't have no Kindle, so I can't download this text. My question is why these "important masculine roles" are call'd "survival"?

I won't quibble about "roles" and "art" (though these terms may suggest fraudulence, pretense, even hypocrisy, rather than realness). I mean, why isn't the title "The Ultimate Man's Purpose Guide"?

I could suppose that the imply'd message is that Darwinian "survival" or genetic ongoingness is the obligatory be-all and end-all. But maybe the author Minotaur warns that a real man does need to struggle to transcend (sur-vive, super-nature) the debasing culture of our time.

Love people, use things.

P.S. As for the masculine role of philosopher, "Ultimate Man" does suggest Nietzsche's "Last Man," eh?

Anonymous said...

BTW, what surprises me is not that experts didn't foresee the housing "bubble," the dot-com "bubble," the credit "bubble" but the Christianity or, more accurately, the Platonism-for-the-People bubble.

It seems pretty obvious that scientific research has proved that at most Christians can reasonably hope that the Christian God used evolution (e.g. sexual selection sc female contempt for loser males which marvellously congrues with the values of Jean Vanier and Mother Teresa and the Mahatma) in order to create the universe we see today and which deserves value-neutral scientific wonderment.

Yet that Christian add-on to science evolution really just clutters up the wonderment vista. It's a necessary add-on if you're Christian, as all Christians who are able to think agree; but why be a Christian? ... It's a marvel that those seriously concern'd for education into important topics such as Renaissance art and research ever gave even the time of day to mystagogues and rhetoricians such as Aquinas, Plato, Hegel, Spinoza. ...

Allah is merciful, benevolent, and laughs at the Christianity bubble. ... How did a bunch of Trinitarian idolaters who said God dump'd out a "Son" ever set up states in the Islamic countries?

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