Friday, October 07, 2011

Tru dat

Listening to a podcast with Lee Harris and Ayan Hirsi Ali on his book The Suicide of Reason. He makes it clear that Islam confuses Westerners, Americans because we have fundamentally different assumptions about what "religion" is.

Islam is a religiously-based all encompassing social and political and legal order which makes little if not distinction between public and private life.

It is a continual astonishment to me that leftliberals in America can imagine a Christian theocracy here but seem determined to remain deaf and blind to the inherently theocratic nature of Islam. 

But there is an interesting overlap between the lefty mantra that "the personal is political" and Muslim belief that "the personal is religious."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to that good podcast. I was especially interested in hearing Ali as I find ex-muslim apostates (especially those who do so as a result of studying the Q-book and its S-sequels) to be the most interesting people.


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