Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anthropogenic Local Raining

Lucky we chose yesterday for the hike. Perfect summer weather.


A stubborn storm system parked off the California Coast is dumping record rainfall over portions of the Golden State. With the locally heavy rain on Saturday, San Francisco has already set its all-time wettest June on record. The 0.97 of an inch of rain recorded so far this June surpassed the previous record for wettest June, when 0.86 of an inch fell in June of 1967.

The rain that has fallen so far this month in
San Francisco is nearly nine times the normal rainfall received in the entire month of June. AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Cory Mottice examined the rainfall amounts in the city, noting that San Francisco has more than doubled its average rainfall for four months in the past four days!

Strange. Northern California basically has a winter wet season - summer dry season pattern, due to the fact that it is very desert-like. (Wet winter is why the place is full of greenery during the coldest months). So rain like this in June is very odd.

I am sure there is some human bad behavior to blame....:)

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